Pull Up
[Intro: Young Dazz]

Y’all ready for this?
It’s Young Dazz!

[Intro: Palace]

Pull Up!

[Intro: Acrobat]


[Intro: Young Dazz]

Ya we pull up
And when we pull up we rep the Lord in everything that we do
Y’all know what it is

[Verse 1: Young Dazz]

I pull up on the spot with my windows down bumpin that IDJ
Me, Palace, and Acrobat rollin wit our squads reppin Jesus Christ everyday
I’m rollin wit the squad in the back of an '03 Chevrolet
Crank the ba** up wit Jesus Beatz now we bumpin that Lecrae
Top Down liftin Jesus up screaming His name that's how we rollin
Bumping dem Jesus beatz that Trip Lee when we pull up Sunday morning
Pull up in the parking lot we ready to go to church
Now we riding back to the studio homie its time to work
Rapping so all the people can hear about the good news of Jesus Christ
Rapping to follow Jesus’ commandment in the Bible (The Great Commission)
Rapping so that everybody knows about Jesus’ sacrifice
Rapping for a real purpose and it ain't getting paid commission
Now ya know why I do it, why I pull up boy ya knew it
I pull up to see people saved, I pull up to see y’all repent
I pull up to make sure people find their way to Jesus Christ
I pull up to make sure that they know that Jesus paid the price
[Hook: Young Dazz]

Rollin wit my squad we always rep the Lord when we pull up
Jesus Christ we put Him first every single time that we pull up
We ain't buyin or smokin weed we ain't tryna roll up
We Christian rappers seekin real trappers man that's why we pull up
Ya we pull up (we pull up)
Ya we pull up (we pull up)
We pull up (we pull up)
We pull up (we pull up)
Ya we pull up (we pull up)
Ya we pull up (we pull up)
We pull up (we pull up)
We pull up (we pull up)

[Verse 2: Palace]

Ya we pull up, rep for the King you should too
Pray today you should love and if you were like me you would too
Praise all day till I turn blue, you stuck in the pews like wood glue
Stuck in the praise I won’t move no more than the things I used to
I been in the Word since a young age
People in the Word keep it coming
Fire on my tongue watch me kindle
We aren’t just for idle words just remember
Shell out with the praise holla back with the yay
Walk with me I got the good stuff the Bread of Life no game
Dead flesh out the way I don’t care what you make
Those pockets don’t mean nothin let me keep it real no fake
Ooooooh keep the song inside
Let the Word of God reside in your heart and mind
I got all I need, I got all I need ya
Father all I see, Father all I see ya
[Hook: Young Dazz]

[Verse 3: Acrobat]

I’m rappin pull up it’s a song, I’m doing pull ups getting strong
You know as long as I roll with Young Dazz I’m rollin with my squad
Our quad is us three with our God, I spit with Palace our bars are hot
This trio like Migos but offset is off, and Quavo’s bars are soft its like Microsoft
And I’m rappin hard and I’m goin far, I’m like Toyota but I ain’t a car
When I’m goin in I’m also goin out, and it might look easy but I’m goin hard
I’m servin three, also servin one, yeah He big and Holy like a Saint Bernard
I’m reflecting God stayin in my place, I ain’t switchin places like Charles Barton and Wait!
You know that I’m not a dog, I’m switchin up letters I’m worshipping God
I see you worshipin idols attackin the heart and I’m calling it vital
You loanin the t**le I keep it 200 you double it signing off cars for some money
Your honeys they 20 on a scale 1-10, I don’t make mistakes so I write with a pen
Thinkin more its like connotation, when I say get out I mean stay in your place
And you placement like at the bottom of the page, I’m afraid of what some peeps gonna say
They like whats the payment? 50 cent a day? I’m rappin like him so just call me fade
Just kidding that acrobat to you, He changes the world like he changed my name

[Hook: Young Dazz]