White Lies
[Produced by JCAL and Palace]

[Verse 1]
Young killer, iller than your average figure
Read between my lines, white lies, middle finger
Rap singer, never been a drug slinger
My culture land ya in the zoo like Ben Stiller
Stereotypes, man, I heard them all
Killing 'em, I'm killing 'em, I’m watchin' them fall
All of y’all can suck my balls through draws
Pause, I ain't never been like that
I articulate my ideas through fat facts
In fact, scratch the fact that I’m black, I’m back to basics
Face it, I know you think I’m tasteless
Stick my balls in your mouth, tell me how it's tastin'
Argh, your type of angry black
The f**k you got to be angry at?
Not the loss of lives, not the genocide?
I just think it's f**ked you still believe in these white lies
Tell me who the f**k are you?
Got the nerve vote King Kunta number 2?
We know it word for word, yeah, Australia love Kendrick
But when I talk about the same sh*t you get defensive?
We ain't racist, we're so acceptin'
Till our blackness in your face, make you feel threatened
Got you second guessin', which begs the question
Is it ignorance or blind eyes to oppression?
White lies, white lies, white lies
Real eyes realise real lies
Black lives, lost lives, yellow lines
Traced around where the black body lies
Why lie? White lies kill minds
Blacked out, white facts got you blind
It's time, it's time
For black truths to replace white lies

[Verse 2]
Step into our shoes, glance through our eyes
Black is beautiful, don't believe otherwise
Otherwise white lies will poison your mind
I got bigger things to rap about than getting dollar signs
Bigger d**ks to rap about than my own centimetres
Bolt, Jones, Howard, Abbott, a d**k for each season
The knowledge that you push, what you're trying to preach
Andrew, with luck, you'd get struck by Bolt, that's my freedom of speech
History that we teach has been bleached
Whitewashed, rape slaves all forgot
That's enough, we need to stop, we need to stop
And we still hate cops, yeah, we still hate cops
They want us to be Rice Bubbles but we Coco Pops
Want to tear down our trees for parkin' lots
We tired to death, we on our last breath
But every journey starts with a single step
And yes, we could never forget
The debt they hung around our ancestor's neck
The culture that they forced to forget
Is coming back stronger again
Uh, let's not even pretend
Uh, yeah, where do we even begin?
The strength in our blood is embedded within
The strength in our will to survive got us living this life
Where can achieve anything that we like
Yeah, and I've been thinking a lot
About what we forgot and what we still got
Joining dot to dot but trying to tie the perfect knot
To hold all my thoughts in a single spot
Demanding the answers that ain't been handed
What's been laid down for me will never be taken for granted Granted, we have have to play by their antics
But look and learn your history, try to understand it
The seeds for this change has already been planted
It's not accident, our people planned it
We found a way when we didn't have a choice
Took away language, never take away our voice, uh
Labeled a dyin' race, removed us without a trace
Hate and discriminate, forced to a**imilate
But we gon' be alright, open up your eyes
Time to black out all these white lies
[Sample: John Barton and Lang Hanc*ck]
I wonder if you'd believe this as a solution to the "Aboriginal problem"? Herd the worst of the Aborigines into one area, then put a chemical in their water that sent them sterile. In time, there'd be none of them left. Well, that solution has been put forward by none other than one of the premier's closest friends, West Australian mining magnate, Lang Hanc*ck...

Those that have been a**imilated into, you know, earning good living or earning wages amongst the civilised areas, that have been accepted into society, and they have accepted society and can handle society, I'd leave them well alone. The ones that are no good to themselves and can't accept things, the half-caste (and this is wear most of the trouble comes), I would dope the water up so that they were sterile and would breed themselves out in future, and that would solve the problem...