[Produced by JCAL and Palace]

[Verse 1]
You wanna ask the question?
They ball so hard I feel like we regressin'
I fall so hard, man, this sh*t is depressin'
Take your life, suicide, you need a weapon
My flow, my quotes, let 'em be your method
My rhymes the rope, let it choke your neck, in-
Deed I be the emcee to bleed life into the game
Death into these lames, blood into your veins
Check the central nervous, I'm the mental
Worthless is your level, baby, you is special
Sidetrack got you on your back, but let get me back
To runnin' this track like I’m runnin' track
I lap any motherf**ker who step to me
I be the Z-I-G and lyrically I perform sutra
Slow this down, give you Kama Sutra
I'm the lovechild of Lucifer and Luther
Argh, that sounds scary to me
They wanna me what's next, well thats clear to see
Ziggy 'bout to drop a legendary EP
Alarm goin' off, don’t sleep on me
Oh my God, what the Hell is he on?
With action comes potential, I spit sparks like neurons
Uh, defyin' these liars, I take you higher
Over and out, let me spark the fire
Let me spark the fire
Let me spark the fire
Let me spark the fire

[Verse 2]
Hide away in hospitals, man, I’m so sick
With these lyrics I kick, flip and manipulate
I don’t have a choice but to be great
I got people countin' on me, like 5, 6, 7, 8
Runnin' out of time, and this sh*t's already too late
Runnin' low on gas, and someone cut my breaks
Cause I’m not stoppin', gotta keep it rockin'
F**k the profit, I’m the only option
Livin' in a world where this pain won’t be forgotten, it's rotten
All of these problems, and you know Ziggy gonna solve 'em
Superhero, rip that S off yo' chest
This sh*t's a mess, strugglin' through life so depressed
Weight of the world, but I throw it on the bench
I’m an animal, I need to go and see a vet
Funny that my dad was born no better than a pet
Let me spark the fire, I make sure you don't forget

Let me spark the fire
Let me spark the fire
Let me spark the fire
Let me spark the fire
[Sampled Outro: John Howard]
I - I didn’t accept the conclusion of the Bringing Them Home report, that genocide had been practised against the Indigenous people. I didn’t believe genocide had taken place