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Lil Blood

"Snitch Food"

They call me Lil Blood (blood)
Lil Rue
And I'm rockin with my lil' brotha Rue right now
Real n*ggas hold they self down
Real n*ggas keep it silent. Never sweat a band

[Lil Blood]
I hear these n*ggas talkin' sleazy
Speakin' bad like I won't do that
Run up in this house with the oomph
Like where the loot at?
I'm so West Oakland when thangs go click-clack
And n*ggas nod off bo with fiends goin' click-clack
I've seen n*ggas jack and sell soap just to get back
I did some trife sh*t but Lil Blood will never turn rat
True facts, keep it silent, never sweat a band
Don't tell 'em sh*t
A good message from a wise man
And you can ask I'm silent Lil blood ain't sayin' sh*t
I pulled the 24 cause Lil Blood won't sayin' sh*t
In the prefix cuffed to the coffee table
Automatic (?) on a kid, cause I'm on probation
Mad as f*ck I don't know who popped cuz
Interrogate me
White folks playin' bruh
Pistols up to them suckas ain't no fear in me bruh
To the neck with this llama thang tearin' sh*t up

[Hook: Lil Blood]
And I can feed a n*gga snitch food
30 rounds of them 7.62's
Keep talkin' I'mma show you what this mac do
That's on God I'mma bust you with this b*tch, move

[Lil Rue]
Yup, and I'mma feed a n*gga snitch food
He like purple chow to a pitbull
They call me Rue, b*tch
I got clips too
I bet you bleed once a month like a b*tch do
Where my trigger finger is I'm grippin' on my pistol
Posted on the block with the hop and the crystal
Fully loaded chop, magazine full of missiles, infrared dot
And I bet I won't miss you
You can get your issues, your n*ggas and your b*tch too
Closed mouths don't get fed
So I got snitch food
Big thang, clip full of 7.62's
Think we play, f*ckin' b*tch?
n*ggas slide through


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