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Ryan Hemsworth

"Idontevenlikerap ."

∆∆∆ Opening Verse ∆∆∆

Only money music and family important to me
Theres a portion of me
That i've forced not 2 be just 2 get a portion 2 eat
My and drive and my passion are crashing
My thoughts they come w/ an accent for just 4 how foreign i think

Need white money like i'm holly
Cuz my gas tank was on molly
But my mind full like a party
Wild as Waddy up in this jondy

The long shots are thee ones you never take
Your worst songs are thee ones you never make
Every day of my life is a week in day
Every day in my week is a scene in a play
That i lose all my line that I can't seem 2 say
Every thought was a vault w/ no key 2 thee safe
When you life just a pill that you can't seem 2 take

Then i took fear on a date
Then drown it in a lake

But when your girl needs a baller
And you're just learning 2 dribble
My dreams are like symphonies
She hates that 2nd fiddle
Now lets talk about my haircut
Looking chiseled
I belong in a museum
Eating kiwi's in New Zealand
Every Kel needs a Keenan
Every hell got some demons
I don't need no more slaves movies
I really need some freedom

Your internet energy is a pop up ad
Don't download that
Even i know that
You whack as f*ck if f*ck was whack
Hashtag that?
Hashtag that!

sh*t n*ggas still stuck on my old sh*t
But my new sh*t be on some new sh*t
No number locked in picking up like who's this?
Who's this?
n*gga I'm just deffery
Thats it

∆∆∆ HOOK ∆∆∆

They want it I give it 2 em
I just wanna give this feeling 2 to em
I see my dreams before I sleep

∆∆∆ Closing Verse ∆∆∆

Literally spit at you literature black as Forest Whittaker
Look @ ya miniature mini me's
Kidding me?
Similac similes
Call those baby step
Running lap after lap till I jog your muthaf*ckin memory


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