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T. Rex

"Video Game"

Video Game

[Hook: T-Rex]

Don't wake me up, because it feels like a dream
I ball like I'm suppose to and I do it all for my team
Some people try to control me, but no I remain the same
Play around all day, lay around all day. My life a video game
It's kinda just my thing (Video Game)
Want to see if you can hang (Video Game)

[Verse 1: T-Rex]

And its that real. International boy got mass appeal
Funny how a n*gga ain't sign a deal producing hot sh*t and got mad skill
But I gotta get my head back in the game
COD use a M 16. n*gga put the heater right next to ya brain
But don't be afraid, its all fun and games
But the mission hear is very scary
I was told to use any mean or force necessary
To kill you f*cking n*ggas who think you hot
On the contrary. You wouldn't get love doing R&B on the 14th of February
I done told you n*ggas enough
I do different stuff. I don't give a f*ck
I get lifted up, whats up?


[Verse 2: D.Chris]

Turn me on. I'm player 1 gonna blast right by the menu
Start a match, then we match that purple, yeah that captain ginynu
Just saying when I'm playing for the top spot there's a red dot on your head no hindu
3 shots to your face top notch don't mistake I mental if you run into me
I'll defeat any beat no sweat man. If you run up on homie know that you a dead man
Heard what I said man. "Up" how I'm fed man. I stay sh*tting on n*ggas like a bed pan
Yeah I'm winning. These scrubs steppin up gon be losin' on em'
Do it in my sleep like I'm snoozin' on em'


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