Paigey Cakey
What’s Up
[Verse 1: Paigey Cakey]
Tell em Paigey's on her way
I deliver like a mummy, got a baby on the way
I'm still a V, I wouldn't make that my mistake
I grew up in the east so I be used to the estate
Been in a ball, the biggest goal for me is learning how to save
I lost my appet**e, I've got a lot up on my plate
I'm losing weight, still slim chicks wanna throw shade
Oh bae, let me kill them, put her in a grave
Broke b*t*hes can't afford to pay attention
But really though, they're all up in my mentions
Tryna cuss me out on Twitter, I don't care cause I don't feel you
When I see you out in person, you ain't talking, I don't hear ya
Money, m-money, m-money, money on my mind
Every day I be out, it's a 24 grind
You say your girl's straight but your honey's on my hive
I've got a bunch of real n***as that'll holla at my line

[Hook: Paigey Cakey (Sneakbo)]
What's up? (How you mean, how you mean? How you mean, how you mean?)
What's up? (How you mean, how you mean? How you mean, how you mean?)
Tell em n***as what's up, what's up, what's up (How you mean, how you mean? How you mean, how you mean?)
What's up? (How you mean, how you mean?) What's up? (How you mean? That's right)

[Verse 2: Sneakbo]
I've got my money, my money, my money, money on my mind
I'm about to turn up and get high
You're broke so you wanna hate I
N***as wanna be me, I just watch man try like
Put him in a coffin
I don't play around, I'mma off him
Sneakbo's mad like a mosh pit
N***as see me in the flesh and can't touch this
Now I'm on a hype, I be going hard all night
Young black boy but my car's all white
Paige [?] that I like-like-like
Then I might get a ring and wife, [?]
Getting money on the south side
I was broke so I guess it's 'bout time
That I fly out, live a bit of life
I'm a real young n***a just tryna get by
[Hook: Paigey Cakey (Sneakbo)]

[Verse 3: Paigey Cakey]
I'mma make a mark that'll stay
I lost a couple friends, they were fake, what a shame
Get the picture, take your n***a, I could cut you out the frame
They won't get a penny for saying I f**king changed
Little lightie that you knew from the block
Your man catch a feeling? Think it's time that you stop
Everyday I work hard, always on my job
I see what I like, I'mma take [?]
All-black swag like they saw me in a funeral
I rise all my life, every day I ride, I will never die
Even if you had a key, boy, you couldn't take my drive
7Up on you but I still prefer my Sprite
Who am I to you, to-you-you-you?
Everything you've done before, it ain't new-new
If I don't know the b*t*h, she best move-move
I'm the sh*t, still I do what I doo-doo

[Hook: Paigey Cakey (Sneakbo)]