Paigey Cakey
Play Dough
[Intro: Paigey Cakey]
Boy this what you doing to me
Don't even know you're doing too
Even though

[Verse 1: Paigey Cakey]
You got me waking up at four in the morning
I don't even know what you be doing to me
I can't even speak when you put me to it
You don't need to try cause we're gonna do it
We arguing late at night
I be on your phone even late at night
You'll be playing with my emotions inside
And I'll be hating ways that you got me feeling I

[Pre-Hook: Paigey Cakey]
The way you got me feeling, I adore you baby
You're my n***a but I wanna stay
But these other b*t*hes gotta go

[Hook: Paigey Cakey]
Cause you wanna stay around, stay around
Why you wanna play dough?
Cause you wanna stay around, stay around
Why you wanna play dough?

[Verse 2: Paigey Cakey]
I hate sharing you to myself
I hate giving you all my help
I hate telling you you're the one
I hate telling you that
You will be my husband
And have my kids one day
While you're cheating on me
I don't deserve it

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3: Yungen]
Call me Mr. Wake You When You're Half Asleep
I can't stay long, you know parking's peak
Good girl but you a tart for me
I made your cherry pop from I started deep
I give you something to remember
That good D in December
Your ex still holla but that n***a a pretender
He shoot blanks like Bendtner
What? You say I only holla when I'm bored
And I never tell you that it's yours
The word is you're talking to some new n***as
You're just the same as all them other w****s
Keep thinking them Instagram n***as can give a b*t*h love
You not flashy like them other Instagram b*t*hes
Girl you need to fix up
What? You saying all I ever do is play dough
You wanna settle down and just lay low
But the truth is I ain't into all that
But I ain't playing games, no
I'm just tryna have fun
I ain't lookin' for the one
I ain't lookin' for the one
[Bridge: Paige Cakey]
I put all my love in you
But you f**k around it ain't nothin' new
Why you f**k when my heart say you love me but you don't
Why you wanna play dough?
Why you wanna play dough?
Why you play?

[Outro: Paige Cakey]
Why you wanna play dough?
Locked up in a play dough
Why you wanna play with my feelings like you come around and broke my heart in two
Why you want to play?