Paigey Cakey
Get Loose
*Verse 1*
The way you moving ya body baby you looking real fly
Winding ya money maker with real thick thighs
Popping the bottles and the models they come around
Scheming on getting some bobble now its going down
Up in the cut in the club with a cup of tequila
Cutting and cutting her up with something that'll kill her
Killa/ dirty gorilla grimy indeed
Call up Napoleon whenever you feel the need
Whenever you want it baby I got you let me know
Once they get a taste of the Leg/ they never let me go
Adrenaline pumping with Hennessy Black in the blood
Chill in a secret section in the back of the club
When you popping and got the money they show you love
Taking off they clothes/ panties they throw at us
Used to front on a n***a/ now they trusting the buzz
I ain't sweating it baby let it do what it does

*Hook *
Come on girl/ let your body get loose x8

*Verse 2*
Yea! Her body is banging her waist real slim
Babygirl come and say hello to my little friend
She don't give a dam if she came with all of her friends
Whispered in my ear/ she wanted me and her to get it in
Gluteous maximus shaking the booties I'm grabbing
Showing me how her booty clapping/ baby what's happening
Rubbing against my body the party getting hot
Bottles popping we getting twisted up in the spot
Me and her bout to dip out of the spot
Out the back door/ me and her walking out of the lot
It was about a quarter to 3 when we slid
Heading back to the crib/ that's when I said

*Verse 3*
Easy now love let me see you turn it over
I wanna grind, I don't wanna learn or know you
Got the cheese/ got the Gorgonzola
They had their little run/ now their burn is over
Alcohol in the body we getting twisted
Yea you know how parties get in the district
Block parties everybody party like rockstars
Shorty wilding and dancing on top of a cop car
Go head little mama Shake it for Papa
She gave me a private lesson and taking her top off
On the elevator b***on pressed for the top floor
Its about to really pop off/ then I tell her