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Ron Browz

"Ya'll n*ggas Is Trash (Ali Vegas diss)"

If you ain't Riot Squad
You shouldn't say that
Screaming that Squaaad Up
And get you shot

When I met you with L Odom
You was a b*tch
Got with that has been's offspring
Now both of ya'll on my di*k well
It's to late fam
The young don's buzzing like Intercoms already
And ya'll n*ggas is trash
I am trying to understand
I guess your Nas and he's Jay
Or he's 50 and your A
Well that whole sh*t is gay
And not adding up
I am tired of doing the math
Ya'll n*ggas is trash
You's a disgrace to 40
Far from a hoodlum
My half shan a hoodlum
Come back to your hood
And finish what he started
And you came crying to me with your soft ass
Ya'll n*ggas is trash
And Fab got your little man bitter
So now he's Matolas new b*tch
Like Mariah in glitter
And his boss a snitch, we ain't forget
We not letting it pass
Ya'll n*ggas is trash
You call yourself the pony
So watch how horse the game
Got my folks who got lost in it mane
You missed your generation
And I am leading this one
I am feasting while ya'll fast
Ya'll n*ggas is trash
Your not apart of my circle
So when I knock start the square
Not a chance n*ggas I'm still here
Saying my name on these tapes
Is only free promotion and getting me more ass
Ya'll n*ggas is trash

You n*ggas screaming Southside
But you're soft and won't ride
Don't matter what ya'll do
Clue ain't f*cking with you
And seeing you with my mans
So don't bit to him and feed you
I know you mad
Ya'll n*ggas is trash
I am still repping the rock
The Riot we Squaaaad up
And no matter the block
We f*cking the Squaaaad up
But I ain't in to the threats
I am still screaming city
You feeling gully then see me
Ya'll n*ggas is trash

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