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Insane Clown Posse

"Forever & Always"

I'm never gonna die
Cause I belong alive
I'm the mothaf*ckin proof
Only the strong survive
I never fit in, f*ck 'em
I never change to appease
I'm never gonna car crash
Or catch a lame disease
You'll always see me on a tricycle
Big as a car
Tricked out with three fat b*tches
On the handle bars
A mothaf*ckin clown pimp
Never passin away
And I'll ALWAYS be your homie
From way back in the day
Death can't have this
Cause I'm quicker than bullets
Rednecks try to hide from me
Snippin they mullets
But I can spot them out fast
Pack a hearse until it bottoms out
But never takin' a ride in one myself
That's what I'm talkin about
Nope, never leavin
I'll never stop breathin
I'll always be a heathin
Never leave my momma grievin
I'll never get old, never get weak forever more
I run the underground from here to Ecuador

I'm forever and ever and ever, ever always

I'll never fade to black
Never replay the sh*t I say
You can't find me, box me
Or bury me away
I'm on the southwest side son
Runnin down Casper
Bein chased by some thugs in a car
I run faster
I'm never gonna die
Cause I'm part of somethin bigger
Never gonna flatline
Never need no grave digger
This the real wicked sh*t from Detroit
The running man
Where every summer streets heat up
And the murders come again
I'm never gonna die slow
I'm never goin quick
Never leave the world
As long as fat chicks blowin di*k
I'll never die broke or rich
I'll never die at all
I'll be here the day the motherf*ckin sky falls
Let the floor collapse
I'll forever drop with it
I'll never lose signal
Never stop transmittin
I will never die
Put that on all that I got
Forever chokin necks
Stretch em, tie em all in a knot

I'm forever and ever and ever, Forever always

1974, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2017, 2032, 2055, 2088, 3012, 3049

I'll never be history
I'll always be the future
Swan divin off the Renaissance
With out a parachute
You gotta see me smack the floor
See me bounce back for more
Parasailing through
The biggest hurricane you ever saw
I'm never gonna die
Put that on a comet in the sky
When it smashes in the Earth
I'm jumpin on to catch a ride
Every year I'll still be here
But from another stratosphere
I'm never dyin' though
I hope you f*ckers know now that is clear

I'm forever and ever and ever, ever always

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