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Insane Clown Posse

"I Found A Body"

[Intro: Shaggy 2 Dope]
I just wanted somebody there
Somebody to agree or disagree with
Tell me I'm right or wrong
Somebody to talk to, eat with, be with...
Somebody who cares whether I'm alive or not
Somebody who knows whether I'm alive or not

[Verse 1: Violent J]
I was walking home through an alleyway
Paying no attention, tripped over a leg
It was a dead body, hid off to the side
He looked like a crack-head, maybe twenty-five
He looked rather lonely, both his eyes were open
Threw him on my shoulder, took him to the homestead
Sat him on my couch, cooked him pizza rolls
Opened up his mouth, stuffed 'em down his throat
Then we went to Target, I pushed him in the cart and
People stopped and stared, they thought he was retarded
I put him in some shades and sprayed him down with axe
We rented a movie, just chilled and relaxed

I found a body
I sure as hell could use a buddy
I'm lonely, I could use a homie
Ever since I got out, stress has been on me
(Stress has been on me...)

[Interlude: Shaggy 2 Dope]
I just...
Don't wanna be alone any more
I just wanna be around somebody
I mean anybody!
I just don't wanna be alone

[Verse 2: Violent J]
We went to Clark Park, it's my favorite place
Had to shoot the birds off, picking at his face
Then we took a bike ride, he rode the handlebars
Stopped and had some ice cream, he started acting hard
First he wasn't talking, then he wouldn't eat
Then it f*cking hit me: I found him in the street!
He's f*cking dead, I almost forgot
He has a hole in his head from where he must've got shot


[Interlude: Shaggy 2 Dope]
I can't stand any more loneliness
I just don't wanna be alone

[Verse 3: Violent J]
I took him to my mom's house, she called him a user
Cuz he had my shoes on, she thinks he's a loser
He don't have a job yet, got nothing on rent
Pretty much everything about him is spent
I got into a fist fight, two thugs jumped me
He stayed in the car, chilling in the front seat
Come to think about it he ain't really my friend
But whatever we got, I don't want it to end, cause...


We will fight for you in a court of law, and we will win! Because if we don't win, we'll suck your di*k!
Specializing in slip and fall and on-the-job injuries, we'll win you cash!
If McLewen, Davis and Davis take your case on, you can't lose!
Either you win a nice settlement for your personal injury or you'll bust a nut in our mouth! That's our guarantee!
Call us at 1-800-BLOWJOB now, and let's get this loot, together!

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