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Insane Clown Posse

"Kickin' Kickin'"

"Why must you challenge me?"
"It's fate, I was born a ninja warrior
And I have to prove myself to all ninjas
That I'm the best around"
"Then you have got to defeat me first!"
"Hmm, sure!"

Kiyyaa! I'm a ninja! (Black suit) Kickin' kickin'
Ninjitsu, huh ta! (Kya!) Kickin' kickin'
It's sure fun to be a shogun! (Masked) Kickin' kickin'
Ninjitsu, huh ta! (Kya)

[Verse 1: Violent J]
Black gi, black mask, nun-chucks
Ninja-uh! Round-kick on you dumb f*cks
Built like a dumpster, balance on chop sticks
Backflips, Dive-Rolls, dope Drop-Kicks
Kick fast, across face, whiplash
Knocked out cold, you see the quick flash
Legs busy as f*ck like Mr. Krabs' feet
Ninja suit sweet, round house foot Kiyy-


[Verse 2: Violent J]
No master, self-taught outlaw
Five right feet to the jaw and a Southpaw
Quick kick, turn your head like it's a thick chick
Knock an eyeball out like you Slick Rick ("Morning, honey")
Take the right side of my foot and place it
Where your teeth was, let you taste it
Rapidly before your back hits tree
You get punched, slapped, smacked and kicked with my quick Kiyyy-


[Verse 3: Shaggy 2 Dope]
Claw to the neck, chop to the skull
Haul for the rest and I'm dropping 'em all
Paw to the jaw, fall to a crawl
Shadow on the wall was all that he saw
Wire, neck, pull, slice
Kill 'em, finish my bowl of rice
Assassination, you know the price
Shick-cow! Like Dolemite
Attack in the dark like Poltergeists
You're pressing your luck like roll the dice
And come back bloody when I hold the mic
Ninjas creep in the cold of night
Kickin', kickin'
Lunaticin', skin a chicken
Kick ya di*k in, inflictin' pain
Wicked game, ninjitsu sick, insane!

[Hook x2]

"We're surrounded guys, we gotta stay put 'til help arrives."
"Stay put my ass, I'm headed right up that path!"
"The orders were to stay put, Clancy!"
"Those orders are for pussies, heroes like me do their own thing!
I'm headed up that f*cking path guns blazing!
Are you guys staying or coming with me?!"
"Clancy, the path is probably infected with landmines, nobody secured it yet."
"Pop's right, we really should stay here and wait it out."
"Well f*ck you too, Cutty!
You two b*tches stay here
Watch a real man do the damn thing!"
"Help is on the way"
"Don't do it, man!"
*Gun c*cking*
"C'mon motherf*ckers!"
(The Death Pop!)

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