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Insane Clown Posse

"Might Go Mad"

And I might go in, when the night kicked in
And the moon is lit, and I'm covered in sins
And I wanna confess, but it ain't no preacher to forgive
Cause I gotta live with what I've done
To the ones that wanna betray me
Most of them blind wanna, but can't see
Looking at my shine, they wanna mistake me
For being somebody that give a f*ck if they bleed
When I push my knife in someone's life
And it gets me hype, and I feel that death
And I wanna hang onto that high, I'm gonna take it out your flesh
I go way to the right, in the dark in the night
But the haters want me to go left
I just dip to this sick sh*t, with a quick flick
I could razor blade that neck
I get a rise off shockin' sex, I get a high off poppin' tech's
I wanna die in a gun fight with the police
When I'm not on my xanax
I wanna kill with no regret, I wanna feel like I'm the sh*t
I wanna play the hand I get, outside the house in van I sit
With a knife and criminal mindf*ck, I can't make my mind up
Break in from the front, or should I sneak in from behind them
Police wanna rewind the, Cd that is mine cause
They believe I do this sh*t, I've written in my rhyme book - it's true

I wipe the blood of the blade, I should've left it alone
My heart's filled up with rage, there's only one way to go
I'll go crazy, I'll go psycho, believe me baby
I just might go mad

Well I might go mad, and I might be sad
(What's about to f*cking go down)
It soundin' bad, cause the brain I had
(Was little lost, and it can't be found)
So come around me and my clique, get f*cked up quick
They say I'm sick, but I'll be quick to grab that clip
Empty this sh*t into your b*tch ass see
That's what happens when people underestimate me
When it's all over, then I'm takin out all of them haters, see
We don't give a f*ck, I'm bout to buck
On anybody standing in my way
Filling up with rage (watch to f*ck out) I'm coming to get that pay
On your life debt, you bet you could go against Bonez Dubb
But I'll be killin', I'm showing that love
Got that message from up above
Cause I'm takin' out the evil with my own two hands b*tch
No matter what goes on in my dome, I know I can b*tch
Mind like a rubberband, I think that sh*t just snapped
Got your dome crack, with a f*cking bat
Go blap, when I swing that
I'm f*cking done with you
And if you runnin' b*tch I'm coming for you
What be left to do, cut em up, get em up
And a big f*ck you to all who doubted this, I


[Insane Clown Posse: Violent J]
I am a psychopathic sicko, punch you in your di*khole
Drown you till you wrinkle, then dump your corpse on finkle
I get high with Hopsin, xany pills, we pops 'em
Me and CM Punk get drunk, LSD we drops 'em

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
These hookers boy, they gives a f*ck, blow me in my pick-up truck
I steal the, pussies, stick em up
Rob her pimp when they pick her up
J fed us while she mix a lot, drink some faygo, it hits the spot
Don't ask how many kids I got, I just say three, but it's alot

[Violent J]
I am an axe murder boy, Mr. serial chopper
I will jump that ass, spazmatic grasshoppa
Sit back in the rocka, let's have a glass of vodka
Let you in on a shocka, my boy Shaggy shot a coppa

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
And ooooh it was oodles of fun, his head busted a nut
Like noodles of c*m, why did I do it, cause screw it
He was really nothing to it, as soonest I drew it
He blew it, and he knew it, I went uuuuh


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