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Immortal Technique Lyrics

Life In Black & White (2014)

As He Goes On... (CD Retail Version) (2010)

Everything's A Gamble Vol. 2 (2010)

The Money Shot (2009)

Chorus Rhyme (2007)

Fuck Tha Government (2007)

Portable Immortal (2006)

Orange Moon Over Brooklyn (2005)

John Henry's Revenge (2004)

Breaking Records (2003)

Back to the Grill, Again: "Live(r) at the Barbecue" (2002)

Beautiful Mind (2002)

Imperial Wrecks (2002)

Universal News / Tenement Building & Keepin' It Raw (2001)

DJ GI Joe Live, Vol. I


The 13 Amendments

The 360 deal

The Silenced Revolution

What Hip Hop Is (Documentary)

Other Songs

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