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The Coup

"The Magic Clap"

(C'mon, kids, gather round
Listen up, the Magic Clap)
M-A-G-I-C-C-L-A-P, let's go!
Let's do it

Clap, magic clap
Clap, magic clap

[Verse 1]
It's like a hotwire, baby, when we put it together
When the sparks fly, we'll ignite the future forever
This is the last kiss Martin ever gave to Coretta
It's like a paparazzi picture when I flash my Beretta
I got scars on my back, the truth on my tongue
I had the money in my hand when that alarm got rung
We wanna breathe fire and freedom from our lungs
Tell Homeland Security we are the bomb

Clap, magic clap
Clap, magic clap

[Verse 2]
Hurry up, get in, close the do'
This here the meeting for the overthrow
Waiting on that concrete rose to grow
Doing lines that ain't quotable
Counting up all that dough you owe
You ain't 'sposed to know it's opposable
We are not disposable
Muscle up kid, we got blows to throw
Till the folks have risen, there'll be no decision
We make the motor move, they chauffeur driven
Right now we can't shine right like a broken prism
I figured out the 14th is a broke amendment

Clap, magic clap
Clap, magic clap

[Verse 3]
Good evening, tonight we bring to you
Worn out streets that'll sing to you
.45 shells that'll dance to the beats
Stomachs so loud it'll cancel the speech
Checks that vanish if you blink an eye
Grace getting locked in the clink to die
A salary cap on a birth certificate
Notarized lies that burst in triplicate
Morning prayers for the car to start
A man and a whiskey in a heart-to-heart
Hope in a tracksuit to flash and run
While agony chases with a badge and gun
Poetry shouted from the squeal of the bus breaks
Hands in the air try to feel for an escape
Flash in my eyes like candid snaps
When we slap back, it's the magic clap

Do it, do it!
C'mon, do it!
Do it, do it!
C'mon, do it, we gonna fight!
C'mon, do it, we gonna ride!
C'mon, do it, magic clap!
When we slap back
It's magic clap (woo!)

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