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DJ Kay Slay

"Legend (Intro)"

[Intro: Joseph Sikora & DJ Kay Slay]
Kay Slay, you know why I called you here today?
I have no f*ckin' idea, man
Well you a legend, brother
And you talkin’ 'bout leavin' the game?
Yo man, I been hip-hop since day one
I’m hip-hop frontline
These mother f*ckers don't respect sh*t anymore, man

Yo, you been through it all, man
You were all city king of grafitti
Break dancin', DJin' out in the park, man
I know your story, emceein'
And you got full knowledge of self
You got all the elements of hip-hop
But you forgettin' the most important one
And what's that?
That's Kay Slayin’ ’cause you slayin' the game
And you stayin’ in this mother f*cker
They don't respect sh*t anymore, man, I'm tryin' to tell you!
Yo, I don’t give a f*ck!
You gonna stay and you gonna kill the game!
Kill this mother f*ckin' game!

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