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DJ Kay Slay


[Intro - Raekwon & Prodigy]

[Rae] You know how it go. You know how it go
[Pro] Uh-huh, uh-huh
[Rae] There's many out there
Many duplicate faggots
[Pro] Check this sh*t, son
[Rae] No question. You know how it go, son
Ice Water, Ice Water

[Verse 1 - Prodigy]
Infinite gangsta sh*t, check it out
In-stoppable, in-touchable, you couldn't flex on me
If you was right next to me
And you wanted to (c'mon)
I take you f*ckin' bullets - let's do this
P is deadly, he's just like his music
Come through like the Taliban unit
Catch me by myself, I'm only sayin' bullsh*t
I don't switch up, I won't change
You gonn' have to catch my body to sell my brain
An' that's simply the truth
n*ggas wanna flip on me, we makin' the news
And hopefully, I'll be makin' it home
But if not, it really makes me no difference, it's whatever, yo
Fear's not an option, man that sh*t is childish
Squeeze your gun, just make sure I'm finished
My style is Porsches and XL trucks
But my presence alone'll make the good girls f*ck

I see they wanna rhyme just like P
They wanna copy off me, bite my jewelry
Used to scream on they song
Now they rhyme calm
Takin' pieces of my verse like I care
Y'all, they wanna be, just like the Mobb
They wanna observe us, bite our style of dress
Bite our style of rap. I see all of that {*echoes*}

[Verse 2 - Raekwon]
Aiyyo, aiyyo
Shoebox with nothin' but bread
The lead fly out the magnet
Dragged it by his brain and his leg
Where I'm from, n*ggas is dead
But only bury light n*ggas, some that take get outta dead
I live like a champ, gun king, thumb ring
The joint that Kobe gave his girl, that's my son, bling
Sooner or later it's war
How many good n*ggas die? That's the meaning of New York
A powerful armour, ration it, all this is tailor made stuff
That's me f*ckin' with crackers
Chef got a iller mood, real deal dude
A hundred bar marksman, shoot up the booth and move
What you wann' do, lose?
I bet all my n*ggas right now be stealin' ya food
We come from where the babies get blessed, yes
This my proposal : come and buy haircut's fresh

I see they wanna rhyme just like Rae
They wanna cop me all day, watch me in the Mae
Flyin' on my way to the bank
Yellin' "Goodness gracious, the hood won't even say thanks"
But I got a trick for n*ggas
Cause when these heads get up, it's no friends, just business
Problem? Meet me in the yard
The Ice Water clique with a hundred bars, let's get involved

[Verse 3 - AZ]
Two-three, I'm back out with big Kay Slay
New place here, muh'f*ckers screw up his face
You wanna hate? I'm alive, n*gga, grew to embrace
All the tribes and tribulations, only few do escape
Been through the chase, the incriminatin', the case
No feel, the cold steel still the weight in my waist
One of the great, eighty-eight, young with cake
Duffel bag full of hustle, cash, gun in the safe
Some would relate, others wanted rap replaced
The n*gga's style is how they know me now, but nothin' is play
Involved in violence heavily, indirect
In car low, with it tinted up, in our reps
Been large before n*ggas had to guard they chest
Before them boys in L.A. put The God to rest
B.I.G.! Get money, or starve to death (Yep)
Got killers among me, dodgin' the rest
Got my (?) in the hood, disregardin' the press
No disrespect, I'm a brother so pardon my (?)
Blood blower, rep for my boy to follower
She the thrower, the whole jail house roust, they all know her
More soldiers, it's a war in the game
Some n*ggas crossed over, nothin' really more to explain
And n*ggas can't be like me, I'm A.Z
I move inconspicously, I'm on point
And beefin' ain't a part of my style
I'm a boss, player, mastered the art of morale
Man of respect, this war when I handle the check
But behind jail walls I'm like Hannibal Lec'

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