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Die Antwoord

"Intro / Young Wicked (UmshiniWam Remix)"

[Intro: Ninja & (Yo-Landi Visser) of Die Antwoord]
*Laughing followed by gunshots and shouts*
I once had this f*cking dream (yeah?)
I dreamed that I was like
The greatest rapper in the whole f*cking world (heh)
Like in the whole f*cking universe, actually
And like I drove through the hood
With my electric wheelchair, like hologram rims and sh*t
Like beats bumpin' off their f*cking face, like
Everyone would know me, like... like everyone would love me and sh*t
(heh... that's f*cking gangster...)
[Ninja says "gangster number one" in a South African?]

[Verse: Young Wicked]
Yeah... yeah...
Yeah! It's Young Wicked in this b*tch ho
Living in the underground where every other rapper
Is intimidated by the young wicked flow, uh
I had a dream that I was king of the scene with my team
Somebody bring me my machine gun, yup yup, that codeine let me lean some
Growing trees by the trees all my homies got a green thumb
Colorado got that 'loud​ and now it's legal
It got me living in the cloud and I can't see you
I be on that X-A-N-A-X I mix it with my sprite
With jolly ranchers and I'm fresh. Why?
Having sex with somebody's b*tch but dawg that ain't my fault, see
If you had yo' sh*t right wouldn't need to get right now you acting salty
Sorry and sh*t, I just love rocking these shows and then we party with chicks
I swear I'm an X-Box to your Atari-ish spit
You outdated, I'm elated, on my way to being the greatest
I won't stop 'til I make it. Yeah!

B-B-Bring me my machine gun. (yeah)
B-B-Bring me my machine gun. (Yeah)

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