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Four Fists


I ain't never been to war
Knock on f*cking wood
And neither have you
So, we’re doing pretty good
I ain't never killed a man
Once I stole to eat
I knew I wouldn't starve
It’s all just make believe

I think I'm George Patton
Herbert Hoover
Speaking Shakespeare to the stones
And hope that they'll be moved by words
Turn rivers into reservoirs
I think I’m...f*ck it!
I used to think I was Casanova
But I crumble nowadays
Whenever I sleep without her

I used to worship “Papa”
Spanish Civil War
Fishing off the Keys
Bullfights and cigars
Man, that sh*t don't work for me
I'm on some, “f*ck Bukowski!”
Heaven help us if Isaac Brock was right
Turning over every single stone in search of signs of life

It's kinda nice!
Quiet life
Far from the guns of war
Run my fingers through the grass
And listen to you talk
Sunlight in the curtains
Freckles on your skin
This is my Everest, this my Silk Road
This my south pole, Shackleton

Yeah, life is protest
We are weapons
God damn, love like Arab Spring
There are frontiers
They are endless
And they’re in our everything

The sun ain’t set on me yet
I ain’t got much, but I’m not alone
Inside each life there are four fists
We are made whole through our broken jaws
Broken jaws

I'm ready, I’m patient, I wait
No I ain't
I'm scared and I'm quick to escape
“Yeah, he went that a way”
Maybe flattered and scattering?
Or flattened and shattering?
Or collecting data?
I don't have an idea that isn't unraveling

Free where the breeze will take me
Helium and balloon but no string
This what nobody wanted
We stuck so far under
We so out of sync
Just remember to breathe
Just remember to be
Just remember how beast you be
Reach for like anything
Do that sh*t easy

Nothing comes easy
Just take it easy
Do what the needs be
There ain't no freebies
Earn what you keeping
Or think they do not need me
Cuz they don't if you sleeping
Caught in the romance and drama of, “woe is me!”
Stopped 'em from catching they opening
And there won't be credits
This won't stop happening, ever


I'm learning it never makes sense
And that's ok
That life is a weapon itself
With the sharpest blade

There is not a heaven or hell
Just each day
And life is a death in itself
And I can change

I'm learning to let go as well
It’s so strange
The past is a part of me now
There's no escape

I made up the bed by myself
So I'm sleepin in it
There is no erasing the past
To get back what I lost cuz
I ain't dead yet!

I ain’t dead!

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