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Lit Genius

"Southern Reach Book Contest"

Jeff VanderMeer has extended the fantasy world of Southern Reach beyond the final novel in the trilogy by adding fictional annotations to an excerpt of Acceptance on Lit Genius.

His conspirator, the experimental narratologist Tom Abba, has created a "shadow" page of the excerpt with his own fictional annotations further extending #AreaX. See if you can find the wormhole to Tom's parallel universe in Jeff's text!...

And now you can join in the metafictional experiment and win Southern Reach related prizes!

Add a metafictional annotation to ANY #AreaX page, Jeff's original or any of the proliferating "shadow" pages--if you can find them! ;) As with Jeff and Tom's annotations, your annotation should be written from the point of view of the fictional universe of #AreaX.

Tweet your annotation using the #AreaX hashtag.

Win a signed Area X: Southern Reach Trilogy chapbook, featuring art generated by the series.

Grand prize will include a chapbook AND a personalized hardcover edition of the new complete Southern Trilogy from FSG.

Jeff, Tom, and author Nicholas Rombes will be selecting the best annotations.

All annotations must be complete by Tuesday December 9th.

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