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We Are King


[Verse 1]

Hit a f*ck n*gga with the chrome or the semi
And if you ain't with me then n*gga, you're against me
Ain't no f*cking comb, i done took more shots than 50
So, i couldn't give a f*ck tell 12 come and get me
Ain't no time for b*tches only killers riding with me
All those n*ggas by your side
Yeah, they can go missing
Bet an old ass man find they heads while defishin'
And if he f*cking snitch we're waiting for him in the kitchen
With his neck on the table and his brains on the dishes
f*cking cut his ears off we done told his ass to listen
I was writing on the walls and i'm very superstitious
Now those red and blue lights but i ain't going back to prison
n*gga, i don't give a f*ck
n*gga, i don't give a f*ck
If they want to take me they got to shoot this big [?]
Imma set it off b*tch I'm cleo with the pump
Better call backup when i pop out this cut
Got a few extendo shells in this motherf*cking pump
Imma let it go. Officer died no better duck
If he's hit then.. That pus*y out of luck
Play pus*y you get f*cked
If you pus*y you get touched
I'm a di*k that means what
Play with me and imma bust
Gunshots and saying f*ck, keep me motherf*cking buck
If you wanna f*ck with us, motherf*cker bring the [?]
Better keep a f*cking bomb and some extra clips tucked
n*gga, if you get stomped imma yell that massa up
Then run and stomp your ass cause everybody getting one
I'm the king but I'm the joker cause I do this sh*t for fun
Then kick your f*cking head like a damn Dan Bailey punt, b*tch

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