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We Are King

"Hello Summer"

Pardon the interruption
Long Live
I'm not really good with all the talking so
I'm gonna get straight to it

They say-knowledge is power and those who gain it succeed
So intellect is the creed, its believe it's needed 'cause see
I went through school of hard knocks and graduated to the top
Now I'm schooling these young boys, come and get your degree
Off my progression they taking note like secretaries
They say your dog sick, that's word to veterinaries
Remember me dreaming past the stars and the moon
Now I think the time is mine from the stars in the room
See that money make scents so I was tryna chase the fragrance
And tried to be a doctor but I didn't have the patience
So I grabbed the pen and pad 'cause I really hated waiting
Now lyrically I'm the biggest head case, Troy Aikman
I'm far from mistaken but close to my dreams
And I'm down to get it shaking in the post like Hakeem
I got a lifetime thirst for more dollars
So these minute made dreams is something I never swallow
So-my bags are packed, I'll be gone 'til November
And don't worry my ambition keep me warm in the winter
Success is the plan, losings not on the agenda
On this turf I'm a snap like I'm born to play center
So-hello summer, welcome this newcomer
In my freshest shoes, keep it as cool as a cuc*mber
It's Double L, always prevail, never to fail
And like stepping on a scale, I'm aiming to move numbers
Dinner at Smokey Bones with my team, we in the zone
It's April 23rd, we pre-gaming before the mourn
Discussing our future plans and the music we sitting on
While I'm stomaching apprehension as I try to play it calm
Po said "Our lives could change forever after this song."
Knew from that very moment this is where that we belong
Then I dropped Recall had 'em in a free fall
First they said "Him? Nah." now they screaming "He's raw!"
So Dre, Po, and KING, you know every word I mean
And we gon' bring that real back, we gon' bring that real back
Something great is coming and I hope that you can feel that
Bet on everything and I promise you can bill that
And every beat I bet I kill that
It's our turn homie, ain't no asking where the yield at
No stop sign, stop mine? Boy stop trying
These are hot lines, hot shot can't stop firing
Leave they top flying, 'cause I don't play fair
I do this for my city put your L's in the air
Dunk lows-De La Soul's, you can't find a fresher pair
Hear the words to my soul, these the only ones I share
So subscribe to this mind of a young black fellow
Intelligent and kind as I climb through the ghetto
Got my eyes on His shrine and not the vines of the Devil
But I'm bad to the bone, you can even check the marrow
Point is settled, been rapping on higher levels
Musically been a rebel since living off 6th and Kettles
I never really would hop to something that was hip
Only rolled to what rocked, now I'm banging, no heavy metal
And for the more and not the lessor
I saw this dream coming writing bars from my dresser
Real life stories I just pen it like a wrestler
And the love come in clumps, you got it Nutty Professor
This nothing for the album, this is only just a tease
Call me Triggerman J and I'm aiming just to please
So with that being said, Ishmael if you're listening
I hope these bars a little more easy to believe

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