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We Are King


There’s nothin but blood in the kitchen I’m patiently waiting for someone to pop out
I banged on the door for an hour I called all their phones I just thought I was locked out
I think this was all just for me imma go in alone baby keep all the cops out

*PYRXCITER screams uncontrollably*
BUST IN THAT b*tch, I SEE pus*y, YUH

Hail ******* b*tch in official, aye
b*tch if I swing I won’t miss you, aye
I point the grip at his temple, aye
Then I put holes in his mental, aye

b*tch I might come in and rip sh*t aye
b*tch I’m Hermès trismegistus aye
Lil b*tch I’m a Jew with my business aye
I don’t give no f*ck where you went b*tch

b*tch I am not just a god I’m a king
I’m the ruler of all and of everything
And when Kaether come in that mean he got the ring
They like Kaether what won't you destroy not a thing

You get Popped like a mike and Ike
Who on the mic? Alright
b*tch I’m the only one you can’t excite alright
Corny as f*ck keep a strap like a dyke alright
Would take your life but that sh*t won’t suffice alright

I really, don’t see no option (6x)
I won’t let myself be an option (2x)

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