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We Are King


[Verse 1: KinG!]
This that we just hit the lotto
Curving problems
Met a bad b*tch
Switch yo neighborhood
Your neighbors say
You don’t belong here
Social misconceptions
Gave it all to that 9 to 5
Your bars ain't even eatin’
But that CEO still thrive
Just got paid
I see you movin’ how you wanna
Trust me in the same position
Tryna encourage the both of us
Bucket full of crabs
What I’m stuck in
What my man said
He married to a chopper
What no reason ain't got kids yet

[Verse 2: Humble The Poet]
Self made Skillionaire ye!
I feel the air tickling my beard
And we went through this
With a fine tooth comb
Like Detroit, Californ’
Still bump that PCH
And Compton kids don’t see the beach
And gentrified don’t hail the streets
And boujee bottle water won’t clean flint
No but sadder theres upon us
Time to scheme up how to get flow
That fire water
Fine father
Why you bother
To make life so hard god
But ill keep digging till I see the light

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