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We Are King

"First Day Out (Remix)"

Lil King
Ballin' like MJ
August, 18th (Yeah)
Opened up that cell let me out on bail
Free Zay out that pen n*gga (Free lil Zay)
I seen lil Jaylon some hours before he was killed n*gga
You ever shot a Gen4 extension, should I mention? (Glizzy)
Ever went missing? You been hit or felt that steel n*gga?
Lost my brother made me turn up on my savage
Had to cut that lil hoe off
Cause she was acting like I'm average
Now I'm that n*gga!
Semi-Automatic Packing , he a lick stop all that acting
I'm a take it if he taxing (b*tch)
Me and Head
We was on the 12 and dodging the feds
He had the Glock, 30 shots, so if it hit you, you dead
Charles, it was me and you, and Cea with the Sig
We could've got em when we spot em
But he stay with the pigs
I'm riding solo
But you know i gotta stay with a weapon
He mama's baby, guess I'll be sending her angel to Heaven
Lil Daedae Cripping but you know i'm banging red like 11th
The Oppositions, catch em slipping
Better pray to the revern
My n*gga tote a 380
But it's a Glock, so don't move wrong
He tweaking, walk up on you, spray your car
In a school zone
I was in the streets when you was hopping off the porch
Rolling with some demons, since toddlers applying force

(Verse 2)
Lil King, whats your dream? "To just be the greatest"
Sitting back pouring lean with my team
And these n*ggas hated(They hating on me)
Aye lil Jaylon why you gone? i been steady asking
I'm thinking bout that time in the mall we was steady cashing
Aye lil Kam n*gga, don't you remember?
Cruising down Frazier Pike me and JP early November (BuccTown)
Before they hated, before my brother
Before he begged me to take all of his charges under the cover

(Verse 3)
Gilliam Park baby
But i'm posted in that Bucctown
With 100 rounds
We gone gun em down
223 gone hit him from a mile (Shhh)
Make some mama's frown(Aye, aye)
b*tch I'm Lil King
40 with a beam and this b*tch loud! (Lil King)
She sucking di*k
Going for the team, set that b*tch out! (Lil King)
Yes I be ducked off in the party with that stick
I know my n*gga ain't gone switch
But if he do he can get hit! (Lil King)
Getting down and dirty, long nights up in them trenches
Me and A.D back to back, he sparked a wood
So Ima finish it

(Verse 4)
I been up working for some hours
Ain't eat anything
Get off that work , make sure they say that they ain't see anything

(Verse 5)
I'm on the go, road running, doing hits out the rental
That n*gga Jason trigger happy, let him spray out the rental
I told Lil Myy, just be careful cause these n*ggas is b*tches (b*tch ass n*ggas)
And don't f*ck with the other side because them n*ggas is snitches
Just save your money, stack it up
Don't let them get to your riches
Grip on your pistol, don't get hit and don't get put on a picture

(Verse 6)
Hold on let me try again!
I'm going in
In the clouds feel like i'm gone with the wind
We setting trends
I know some killers from the 6
Closed casket, left him ugly
Screaming f*ck the other side
They little sisters trying to f*ck me (They lil sister trying to f*ck)
A n*gga still say he gone rob me
I been waiting on him
Tell that b*tch he gone get smoked just like I rolled him (Smoked just like I rolled Him)
Ain't worried bout a n*gga, choppa eat him up
Like he boneless
Since they been gassing up his head
I'ma just leave that boy domeless
You hear me?
In the funeral with the 40 on me (Smith & Wesson)
Gas good
You would think a n*gga farted on it
MoneyTeam we ain't the NBA, but shoot like the pistons
Aye, We just copped a 22
With a 22
Boy that's a 40
So don't think that this no 22
I feel like Andrew, sending shots up out this 22
Yeah we got Glocks, and we got Sigs, and we got Rugers too
And free the youngen he a shooter
He might shoot at you
n*ggas think they know me
They can meet this pole
I'm out in traffic, me and Raylyn finna meet some hoes (Yeahhh)
Long live Jaylon, Free lil Zay I lost some soldiers n*gga
Face a n*gga, It's to late heard he ain't pull the trigger

You gotta pistol i bet you ain't never shot nobody
And my lil n*ggas on a mission, tryna pop somebody (Yeahhh)
My n*ggas ruthless, they gone look until they spot somebody
Mane free lil Kevin murder mobbing he done caught a body (MurderMob)
Lost 2 of my cousins, i been feeling like I'm all alone
And then they just killed Michael Lee I use to rap his songs
f*ck all of the opps, but free lil Ron
We was just on the phone
n*gga we got Glocks, so we don't box
Dre gone get you gone
Draco in the backseat
We on the RedZone
We could've got him
But he posted in the Feds Zone
Grew up in the East, I had to get it on my own
n*gga say i'm telling, but he's telling
b*tch you dead wrong

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