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We Are King




Amen Amen(repeat)
I can't get enough, Yeah, Yeah

I can't get enough, Yeah, Yeah

I can't get enough n*gga's still plottin' on me I can't get enough n*ggas still hatin' on me Yeah I can't get enough, Amen Amen, Yeah I can't get enough Yeah x2

Verse 1:

You should feel blessed You messing with the great
Mind so mess up i can't think straight
But its ok because at this rate people will be telling me to open up the gate
But wait she told me its to late but when i start making money she comes back an just to say hey
I pray every night telling lord show me the way
I got some new shoes just the other day and people look at me like is that the dude from the other day
Some people didn't believe me i wear them jordan 5 real high like now yow you see me
One day umma tell you how it is
I got people inspiring me like thanks for the view

Verse 2:

Man all you people laugh now you all up in my face
Take a shot for me Ma' cuz yo boy first place!
Running from you people you'd call this the hare and turtle race
Rapping real fast that you can't keep up the pace
People dying for no reason why is there even a case
People plead not guilty for insanity
This just make me mad can't do anything but just watch
As all these people get shot
But in reality i got problems too
Tryna drag me off the throne tryna get me down too
Dont worry ma about taking those shots
I shot all these people down and i left them in the thoughts (fades)


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