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We Are King


Worst.. Worst
My first rule never never came first

[Verse 1]
Flipping rhymes on the mic
Cause I was born for that
It ain't eazy
But girl, please don't be mad
Like Gang Starr I'm Full of fact
The most conscious rapper
Now is getting back
Like the Ruler's Back
But I'm not Mr Ricky D
I saw people having troubles
On belive in fantasy
And I saw people like K Dot
Tell him, that he won't stop
Like Takyon, go on
On the microphone spot
As the days pass
I belive more on phylosofy
Explain how is my point
To live into a society
But remember
That I won't own the truth
I'm a teenager artist just talking to the youth
First things first
Yep, never forget that
Teach them people how to react with respect
I respect you and you respect me
We can have a discuss without a beef
Be polite, speaks nice
Have your own arguments
Never go out without it
Just for the movements
I say power to the people
Know where that came from?
Came from no wars and absolutly no guns, son
Maybe the "N word" has lost her sense
But don't forget the people that used to call you that man
Queens and princess
You got to keep your head up
There is no dream too light for a strong man can take up
I hope I can make my people
Keep rocking and
I loved when I realized
That they got a lot a 'Pac in 'Em
Since the black G's On
Till the liltle kids
On Harlem and QB
Since P A C, B I G
I was tryin to be
Now I'm just a kinda of wannabe
But when I be on the mic Y'all n*ggas gonna see
No need wars to make behaviors goes worst
My first rule never never came first
Lupe teach me
There is a Food and Liquor into ourselves
That's why have a Liquor store in every corner
Cause they wanna to kill ourselves


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