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We Are King

"The Girl From Ipanema (Intro)"

To all the women
To the princess and queens
To all the girls
All the feminist you can hit this

[Verse 1]
Olha que coisa mais linda
Mais cheia de graça
Que passa pela praça
Acho engraçada
Ela nem pode me c*mprimentar

Ah se ela soubesse que quando ela passa
Ela arrasa
Deixa chorando
As recalcadas
Da quebrada

Ah por que será
Que me sinto tão sozinho
Se eu confirmo e
Vivo á essa menina elogiar?
Quando ela passar

[Verse 2]
What is a woman to me? I'm living making this question
I can't make a choice, somebody tell me what happen
I'm betwen a dilema
Are she is an bless, or just another problema
But Womens are strong, diferent, subtle
Beautifull human been living on a battle
And womens can easyly run the world
"So why don't you run this sh*t, girl?"
Maybe they have vanity or just laziness
Or just don't want to share their happiness
And they are very strong together
But they will be competing forever
Sometimes gets to be a little funny
But is sad to see a man playing with a honey
We are the happiness and sadness of them
In moments like this, I feel disgusted to be a man
A primitive being, that act with the instincts
An animal, mamal that can't be listing
To a women thought
You got to be listen, because they have a lot
They are creative, they are too vengeful
They know how to solves troubles that nobody do
But they ain't perfect, got problems too
They menstruate, feel the labor pain
And a men, that f*cked you..
No doubt, they are all in one
Only on a one week, man.. Word is bond
You be confused, you can't understand sh*t
But you still falling in love for her hits
By the way, I'd like to be one of them
Maybe my life would be more important
I'd like to be an diva, powerfull and smart
And this is it, for me, how the women are..

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