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Nick Hook

"Down These Mean Streets"

[Verse: Bodega Bamz]
I done did everything in New York but f*ck Vashtie
Kilo, keep it low key, I ain't flashy
We lock jaws over here, I ain't Lassie
White girl mine, make her V look nasty
Potato on the Glock, you tryin' to be big like gravy
My bullets will mash thee
Tax free running from the law
Listen dog, got a lot in and outta different cars
Hot plates on 'em, never safe on 'em
Johnny Cage autograph with my face on 'em
Bamz dead chief, I don't change on 'em
I snipe hoes for a [?] on 'em
f*cking right, hell yeah, I'm f*ckin' right
Give her crack, get 'em out, for this f*ckin' pipe
[?], Ohla gave me the speech
God gave me arms with the cookie jar reach

[Prayer: Tanboy Luka]
Okay, ya tu sabes, esto es pa la Bodega (Pa la bodega)
Si, todos los dias yo le pido al Seño
Que me da fuerza en la calle, envidioso
Pero tu sabes como yo ando, con mi chaleco y mi .45 empuntado
Cualquier mamabicho quiere tirarse, tirate, que yo estoy ready (The price is right) y me estoy tirando pa la 24 so'ora cabron! Dame!

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