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Nick Hook

"I'm Ready"

[Intro: Bodega Bamz]
I'm ready to meet him
Ready to meet him
This that, "Put your hands together"
"Get on both knees and look up at the sky" type sh*t
Ready to meet him

[Verse 1: Bodega Bamz]
Too much n*ggas dead, too much n*ggas dead now
Big dogs left the pups, only getting fed now
Watching for the feds now
Belly full, chow down, fried rice, Kung Pao
Point the steel, let the shot lift ya
I could steal like a shop lifter, I'm that n*gga for real
Took a trip down memory lane, I got a story to tell
It hasn't changed, I'm ready to meet him
Just want y'all to relate to me

[Interlude: Bodega Bamz & A$AP Yams]
Tomorrow night, n*gga, I'm free
I ain't got sh*t to do tomorrow night
You know what I'm saying?
Let's chop it up and let's smoke that good [?] this one time, sh*t like that
Smoking, whatever – whatever [?], you know what I'm saying?
But we in this sh*t and sh*t's sh*t
You know what, you know what's crazy?
Let me tell you something crazy

[Verse 2: Bodega Bamz]
What's up God, how you been? I'm fine, I got a few thoughts
Racing in my mind and I'm tryin' to find the answers, been good
All things considered, my son is healthy, he getting bigger
So where's the fear coming from? It's the enemy, you
That make me worried, overthinking my struggles, it's you
And getting nervous, always feeling in trouble, it's you
Who would destroy everything in his path
Oh my God, my God told me hold his head
This goes for the critics who try to judge without knowing my heart
Where you was at when I was hungry, where you been from the start?
When I needed someone to help, they all looked at me buggin'
Became a studio rap when everybody was clubbin'
I prayed, I had faith, had to follow my dreams
And wash the face from before, tryin' to come on the scene
On they knees, now you tripping down memory lane
I took the losses by myself, every moment of pain
I ain't preachin', I'm just speakin', I'm a spiritual brother
Before I ever had a family, I started off with my mother
Before I ever had a fan, I started off with my brother
Before the radio, videos, magazine covers, my n*gga
Take a breath, take a step into mines
I'm only human, I ain't perfect, but I die before tryin'
I lace my boots up, ready for war, my best ability's
To be a role model, became a responsibility
The zero with the four eyes, pork eye, once was
Stay connected through the Heavens, past the stars above
I used to be afraid, now I'm brave enough
To talk about my maker and his love
I'm ready to meet him, so ready to see him, world so cold
I ain't complainin', I'm sayin' my heart's so froze
Hope you feel every word that I speak
I went to church as a youngin, now rapping is how I preach
God bless

[Interlude: Bodega Bamz]
Take this time out
Rest in peace to everybody been lost
And every word that I spit
May you feel it
May it uplift you

[Outro: A$AP Yams & Bodega Bamz]
You looking good Playboy
I'm happy, I'm blessed
We all 'bout to make bread
We all 'bout to make some money
I can't wait to executive produce this project
Alright, say no more [?]
I'll hit you tomorrow
Alright bro, be cool baby
Already, be safe

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