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"Black Ice"

Hear the trees burning when my lighter flick
Lost in the water feel Poseidon in this b*tch
Nights turn cold, when the days unfolds
Hoes know when I’m around i’ll be posted by my well known thrown
Back in the tomb, resurrect before noon
See the sun shoot down, only feel alive if i arrive with the moon
Back in the 64 get ghost
Only ride through the sky
Slowly killing from the menthol
Get gone

A b*tch tryna pump fake if she tryna run game
Walk around with the pump like I’m big poppa pump got the pump up in jit face
Make ya main b*tch legs do the peace signs
Rolling up another f*cking dutch, peep the gas got me geeked right
All up in the cut blunt guts swimming through the floor
n*ggas peep the steez ion even say the most
Posted in the forest with a foreign nothing boring
Light skin shawty smoking like the wax in my lungs
Peep me in the keys white tee, got a thick ho floating
Mixing all the coke with the rum
Sun rise through the night fall, latin ties through a white broad
Wild n*ggas who figure mixing champagne with crystall

Let it be know that we po it on a well know shone
When a n*gga sneak dissing disappear he gotta go
Nothing more oh
Feel me when i walk through the halls
Hoes fall for attention not mention
I’m a well known n*gga on this side
Now as for your b*tch keep the distance
A young hot boy steady lifted
Peep the vision if you get it
Controlled by the rage can’t handle
f*ck around ima leave his whole mug all bloody like christmas flannel
Felling non existent like the the phantom of the opera then I’m gone
Drowning my regrets in a bottle of patron
Ice brick, stone cold

I ain't really f*cking playing, ight n*gga
Spit in ya face at ya grave, ight n*gga

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