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"Ion Get It"

They ask me how you made it so quick?
I never thought i made it so i stuck to my own sh*t
Whoadie think he know me who is this?
Said he bussing plays so i had to tell’ed move it quick
Can’t f*ck around with f*ck n*ggas, the type to rob yo ass for a zip
Ion get it ion get it

How you hitting licks but you b*tching
And why the f*ck we f*cking all your b*tches?
And how you claiming you plug when you was out here snitching

These n*ggas got my head f*cked up
These n*ggas got my bread f*cked up
Boy knuck if you buck better feel me, lighting all this kush rolled up
Real n*ggas always die
f*ck n*ggas always multiply, live a lie
Avery got the trap booming never lied

Back in the days i was siting side ways
My rounds said they riding for i can have it my way
Patrick put me down for my first bag of weed
Momma asked if I’m serving boy i told my momma i was cutting lawns out the drive way

Telling you my story with no job just like this sh*t friday

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