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[Verse 1: wifisfuneral & Robb Bank$]
Uhh, and I got, and I got too many choppers
Separate the ground like a goddamn ostrich
Name another opp talkin' down and we sparkin’
And I'm 300 deep, n*gga, no Spartan (Ooh)
Might wanna pick up your vest today
Pap shoot his neck when he up in aim
Dilated pupils, this sh*t I get used to
So when I pop X, I be up for days
Quick with the scope, setback
How you finna fold? So you been a rat
You get cheddar with the mice, I ain't into that
And the pus*y 23, MJ that (Yeah)
I be ballin’ like I'm Mike from way back (Yeah)
Crossover with the work, gotta pay flat, eight racks
1735 T-shirt (Face tat, Femto)
007 with the guns gon' aim back (Ooh, ah ah, Femto)

[Bridge: Robb Bank$]
Sticks out the door (Sticks out the door)
Bad b*tch ride on the pole (Ride, ride, ride, ride)
Lick me up, suck on me slow (Suck it, woop, woop, woop, woop)
Slept FLA, I told you so (Yuh, yuh, I told you, let's get it)

[Verse 2: Robb Bank$]
Young n*gga hopped off the porch, I was thirteen
Woodside by the Henny, fool with the Roxy
Stick made him head bang, Night at the Roxy
And I look down on n*ggas like Kami
Whole SSET like the Z Fighters, all us pop beans
b*tch, I'm SSET, y'all n*gga just monkeys
I'm a all green great ape just like Broly
Yeah, no King Cold, got a new freezer on me
Can't go to the venue if it ain’t a pay out
You see the SSET, yeah, it ain’t nothin' to play ’bout
Break into your crib, we done studied the layout (SSET)
Remix to Ignition (SSET), f*ck around and get brainwashed (SSET)
You thought she was sweet, now your brain on the playground
Killin' mommas, babies, and kids, n*gga, I ain't playin' around (Grr)
Kie Money’s out, then we fly with the Ks out
pus*y, if we beefin', I ain't stoppin' 'til you fade out

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