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"Stop, You’re Lying"

[Cut Off from previous track?]
Get back my n*gga, click clack my n*gga
No chit chat n*gga, I'm o'd up n*gga
I'm 'op up n*gga, loomed up like lulo n*gga
Old school like a che—

[Hook: Max P]
n*ggas claiming that they trappin'
When they really don't (nah, nah)
Throwing hunnids' (ko, ko, oh)
These n*ggas (no you don't)

[Verse 1: Wifisfuneral]
Throwing shots from the Glock
In the drop top (pop-pop)
Pipe in that hoe if she feening for p*nis
In semen, she [?} up in that sh*t for good reasoning
See the light skin walk in the room
Max P with your b*tch blowing on trees
Swangin' on thirty-twos
Zoom, what it do?
Wimpy ass n*gga {?]

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