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Yea, ay, ay, ay, ay

Mama they told me I never be sh*t
Now I'm the hardest one shining all up in this b*tch
But I know that my life get crazy on the real
Pause back, now with Yazmine I feel content
Nonetheless, I'm a f*ckboy and I admit it
But a diamond in the rough that desperate need a cleaning
Then my mind goes blank feeling dead yet I'm living, oh well
Time won't tell when you die, who cares
Rose in the concrete, hold my fears
Rise with a petal then die with a tear
Lil woadie keep it real
If I put this ring on my girl finger
Man tell me one time I ain't ever gonna regret it
Thinking that forever is forever, I ain't kidding
You a riddle that just need some solving
With my heart on my sleeve, if you need it, pop it
Man, f*ck that sh*t, go ahead and squeeze and c*ck it

Ay one time, for the one time
Ay, all these b*tches they slime
You know that's one time
And if they really want you for your riches
Tell them one time
Ay, I just need some f*cking richie for the one time
Ay, one time, for the mothaf*ckin one time
Ay, and if I die before that outro, get that one time
Get that one time, ay get that one time
And if I die before this outro drop then get that one time

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