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"NASCAR (Remix)"

[Verse: Wifisfuneral]
Motorola chirpin' through my lines
You can hear me when I walk through
Smelling like a fresh air xanny
sh*t boy, I should have told you
Same n*ggas through the struggle
New n*ggas getting comfortable
I said I'll run through your hood like we Call of Duty
Got that choppa bustin' if you feeling stupid
Sippin' tippin' slow
I'm movin' like a pro when I be switching lanes
Candy paint be wet, drippin' hella drippin' with the wood
[?] said I'm post to smoking like a blue eye's white dragon
Brought the whole trap like a Yu-Gi-Oh card
That b*tch a deck, right
Flexing with your mother and your sister
Fenty reunion undercovers
I got your auntie for the head like she had lice
Got a b*tch to spar with my di*k
Uppercut the b*tch with my tip
Got her tippin' on my di*k everynight
I smoke the fire higher
Crystal diamonds right from Sierra Leone
From how the Swisher twist just like a cherry twister
Young and smokin' death but yet I'm never dyin'
Flexing with our new best n*gga, I ain't lyin'
You a motherf*ckin' peasant
I be movin' like a shaman
Claiming how your trap movin' front door, we knockin'

[Chorus: Wifisfuneral]
b*tch I'm posted in the bath tub
Riding round my city smoking good
Like NASCAR, fast life
Run and trace that little asian kush
She a bad b*tch, mad like
They lookin' at me mad like
They lookin' at me mad like

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