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Big Tymers

"Got Everything"

Big Money Heavyweight
Ay Fresh, We back at it daddy
Big Tymers, 03 Summertime boy

See it's summertime homie and we born to shine
Cadillac dipped grille with the nine on-line
Keep the ice on pack
With the big mac stacks
Rims dipped the same color of the new Cadillac
See we lace our ho's
We smoke our 'dro
When we go to the club we go through the back door
With the nine on my waistline (waistline)
Any n*gga act up and get that nine to his f*cking mind
Homies still doing time
Sending stacks through his mom
We get it through the pipeline
Flicks, so you see how we shine
Everybody know Stunna so you know I'm doing mine
Just a vision of dreams, and Cadillacs machines
Get loot, knock ho's if you know what I mean
Gotta hustle and grind
Keep the money on your mind
Summertime all hoods should blow up and shine

Hook - 2x (Tateeze) [Baby]
(Got everything they ever built)
(Everything they ever made)
[And on my bed I even got a mink spread]
(And all my cars gotta have spinnin blades)
[And all my toys gotta have an infrared]

[Mannie Fresh]
Six years ago
A friend of mine
Said it's gon' rain before the sun shines
Some gon' lead, some gon' follow
Some gon' spit, some gon' swallow
Now where you going?
And where you been?
And what's your angle?
And how you fit in?
So this time I made up my mind
f*ck being broke, it's time to shine
Kiss my momma, tell my daddy I'm gone
Baby boy on his way to make a song
From a quarter, to a dollar, to a five, to a ten
You are witnessing
The rise of a young black entrepreneur
Spread my wings I'm about to soar
Two million, three million n*gga I did it
Two billion, three billion n*gga let's get it

Hook - 2x

See I'm the neighborhood baller
With the Beamers and Sprawlers
Then broads keep callin'
'Cause baby I'm ballin'
Hood rich chicks with these ghettos and bricks
Stunna back at it ma in that brand new Six
Stunna got that Caddy with the bubble-eyed lips
Fully equipped whips, the custom made sh*t
Now everything is wet and everything is slick
And everything is paid
And Mannie make the hits

[Mannie Fresh]
Pimp if you scared get the new Escalade
The long mothaf*cker
Get the headline of suede
This is shining at it's best
n*gga wear your vest
Southern ass n*gga with his shirts and jeans pressed
I like 'em starched heavy
Big block Chevy
Head till I'm dead from my old girl Debbie
Don't try it, buy it
If it's factory, amplify it
Might go Nitro, ignite it

Hook - 5x
(Baby talks over beat until end)

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