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Peso Peso

"Vato Drip"

[verse 1: Peso Peso]
I scoot up in coupe I'm grippin the tool
You betta watch how you move
Stomp em out in some versace shoes
All these diamonds make these b*tches choose
They know im hotter then the summer june
Im fly then a b*tch im top of the moon
All my n*ggas jumpin in whether if i win whether if i lose
I turnt a bicycle to a benz
Im in the bottom with dave and twin
Free my hood partnas out the pen
Kicked down the door cuz they won’t let us in
I ain't have nothin to eat i make me a plate nd never look back again
That trustin sh*t weak
I dont trust a soul
I just trust my Glock dont make me spin
Shoot em in the chinny chin chin
Im bout my green like ben 10
And if a n*gga try to run shoot em in the spleen i bet he won't run again
They talk about money when we havin convos
I need my money and i need it pronto
Im mexican we do drive bys in the tahoe
I swear that dont want f*ck with this vato
FN’s are automatic
I swear it ain't nothin to send you a package
16 you was goin to classes i was in the hood bangin nd trappin
Everybody know PE$O be havin
f*ck on yo b*tch but i swear you can have her
She sucked on my di*k after i passed her
I Trap and get money just a lil faster
My n*ggas still juugin nd kickin doors
Gucci p wit me he sendin hoes
All this green on me like piccolo
Hit the drank spot whats it hittin for
Give em 3 20 then hit the door
Then hop in the whip and po up a 4
I dont want yo b*tch cuz her pus*y is trash
Just the other day i ran from the tags
Scooter came with b*tch ima blast
Alotta rappers really goin outside
I swear that you dont wanna make me mad
Send them shootas at yo door with a mask
Too many b*tch n*ggas in the way
Im drippin and ballin like the NBA
I give em the drop and send em where you stay
Im countin them racks and n*ggas love to hate
I even put food on these n*ggas plates
Im runnin to that money i cannot wait
All these diamonds in my mouth you can skate
And if i get life in the pen i escape

[outro: peso peso]
Yea b*tch ass n*ggas
Drip splash TSF
Forever drippin and splashin on you f*ck n*ggas
If you ain't gettin money you in the way

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