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Drew Phillips & Enyuh & Yung Gunk

"Tay K Diss Track"

[Verse 1: Drew Phillips]
F-F-f*ck a beat, I was tryna beat a di*k (Yeah)
I be f*cking eyeballs when I f*ck my b*tch (Oh yeah)
Beat it up where she nut on my lips
My di*k is so big holy sh*t (Oh my god)
Shut up b*tch now slob on my knob (Okay, yeah)
Shoot my nut then I got to go mob (Skrt-skrt)
E-e-eatin ass cause it tastes really good (Mhf, mhf)
Use a spoon cause you really know I should (Ohh)
When I suck yeah its all on your toes (Uh)
Let me put my di*k on your ankles (Please)
Oh that’s your ear no that’s a hole
Imma eat sh*t straight from the bowl (Oh my god)
Hello female, what is your name? (Susan)
Cool, get on your knees and give me brain (okay)

[Verse 2: Yung Gunk]
F-f-f*ck a beat I was tryna suck a fart (suck that fart)
But I ain’t sucked that fart b*tch I f*cked a shark (f*ck that shark)
Crush a xan' where’d it go up my ass (prrrt)
My di*k itchy like I rolled it in grass (why my di*k itchy?)
Pack a dip then I spit on her thigh (hrrr ptui)
I can’t see with this nut in my eye (eugh)
Ate a bug then I threw up on your b*tch (eurgh)
I want that bug back b-b-b*tch

[Verse 3: Enya Umanzor]
Who the f*ck tryna nut in my butt (uhh)
P-p-pipe so deep feel it all in my gut (yum)
Go to school just to eat a pencil (ooh crunchy)
Push my teacher right off her damn stool (uhh)
Dropped out cause I ain’t no nerd (loser)
Doing meth with my whole damn herd (squad goals)
Moo moo yes we are some cows (moo)
Get out the way utters go pow pow pow (skrt)
Out in Texas you know what that do (what they do)
Kiss my cousin cause he is so cool (yee yee)
sh*t on his di*k cause we roll that way (roll that way)
Y’all sleep cause we on a new wave

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