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Yeah, n*gga, n*gga
No disrespect to you East coast
The West coast we got heat too
We gon' keep it real G'd up
(Y.A., Tri, Lil' Kurupt)

[Verse One]
Okay, if I don't make it rappin it's back to jackin
Back to the click-clackin and the khaki jackets
I'm a rider, dat's why I got that tat
And a provider, jazz got a lot I ain't had
I'm a survivor, screwdriver, cracked steering column
Every event, book bag, gat at the bottom
I'm convinced, that my common sense intensify
Now I'm convinced it's, hoppin over fences

[Hook: patois speaker - best guess]
Six in de mornin you know they kyan't find no mo-ney, mo-ney
{?} get money haffi feed my whole fami-ly, fami-ly
It was because I load 'n buck gyal you know she a scared for me, for me
Because the tussle an' the hustle an' it rough and {?} to be me, be me

Pistol's my specialty, and uh
I'm a gangster, my specialy, and uh
Fire I let it fly and toss, and uh
I'm a boss molotovs get tossed, and uh
Hey girl, what the f*ck's the deal? And uh
You want the fake girl, or you want the real? And uh
Sixty-four Chevy's all on D's, and uh
Overdosin to West coast MC's, and uh
And you be thinkin you got me but you ain't got a thang
n*ggas claimin they bangin but they don't really bang
Since I {?} opposition position switch the game
Pistols whistle while missiles'll chip a n*ggas frame


[Verse Three]
I'm a pistol popper, 88 candy-painted Cadillac dropper
Tanqueray and vodka
One-nine or thirty-eight, tec and a chopper
Infrared hollow pointed tucked in my boxers
I'ma keep it gangster y'all, f*ck what the rest say
Keep a lot of dope and coke, like an ese
So please pay attention, this street sh*t is serious
My n*ggas leave you bleedin like b*tches on they periods
Contact your label, bring your best artists-es
n*gga we started this, verbally retarded sh*t
Entourage rider, we eatin Budweiser
Throw away thirty-eight, brand new fo'-fiver


(The hustlin is hard) Break 'em down n*gga
(It get rougher in my yard) Gotti, n*gga what
(We say the hustlin is hard) Please let's roll these suckers
(It get rough and get it tough in my yard)

[patois speaker ad lib to end]

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