All the Time in the World
Hearts are breaking for hearts that are broken
So eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die
Or maybe next Tuesday for those of us without a battle flag to fly
Though we are no less noble or brave
Because we can still wave goodbye

We have all the time in the world
Until the limitless possibilities of youthful infinity turn into mortality
But that's after a long, fun struggle of watching everyone
Not me and not you
Suddenly go pale
Some failed to live up to life
Some trailed behind their own comet tails
Some wailed and cried out to God to no avail
And some got impaled by speeding metal
And infected needles

But I'm here
And you're here
And why do we still care enough
Or even too much to write or make words
In the hope that someone in the future will hear?
History is just one lost language after another
After another
And when they're all taken together we still can't decipher the past or decode the future
We're just lost without a map
We are dust, it's true
And to dust we shall return, me and you
But it was fun while it lasted

All the time in the world
Turns out not to be that much