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Psycho Realm

"Lost Cities"

[Intro: Revelation 6:8]
And I looked and behold a pale horse
And his name, that sat upon him, was Death
And Hell followed with him
And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the Earth
To kill with sword, and with hunger, and with the Beast of the Earth

[Verse 1: Big Duke]
I told the tower of power we can work together
But I guess they rather see wars and scars better
Street veterans holdin' enemy bandera
And then we're caught up in the web of the guerra
We all fight and fight and lose lives
At the end everyone dies!
We're all cursed like that by the maker
No muthaf*cka shall be a life taker
We cross the firing line, sickos on both sides
Terror strikes under streetlights
And we grow more out of control and psycho

[Verse 2: Sick Jacken]
My realm is downtown, Rampart District, Pico Union
We shatter illusions with weapons we're using
Or sets we're choosing
No Rolls, we roll old-mobile
More real than majority, we're docile but still
Other sides get more peeled, hit by street teams
Big paybacks and police beatings
I can't replace my home with peaceful silence
But my roots are planted in this city of violence
We call it Lost City, where angels roam, commiting unknown
Ghetto prone, guarding the zone
From all damage but can only manage to handle, partial scandal
What's your angle? Crook or vandal? Or killer
Plot filler, drug dealer, we all co-exist in this thriller

[Hook: Big Duke & Sick Jacken (x2)]
Look around, it's in your town
Deadly sirens brings on violence
Take heed to this warnin', bad times stormin'
War between city blocks and cops

[Verse 3: Big Duke]
Watchful eye, residents die
When they see crimes go down and drop dimes
It ain't no lie, these days become strange
How many people go shootin' at the street range?
Arms aimed at those that control, pelón man with chains
Explain why I'm talking to homicide
Flash throwin' at my head, code red
Leavin' soldiers wasted, dead

[Verse 4: Sick Jacken]
Truth sparks revolution and is therefore labeled violent
Condemned to the silent movement of rebels who are defiant
Sick Siders spreading our venoms like sick spiders
We construct a web and catch all those who fight us
Capture threads at your head
C.R.A.S.H. units switch to code red
Find you in a ditch, undercover dirt bed
Who said they was untouchable but instead
Catch the end of their ropes, all hopes bled
Out your village, pillage empires rank higher
But in the end cities get lost in the crossfire

[Verse 5: B-Real]
Why does everybody want a piece of your pie, do you qualify?
Or will you die like all the others?
Survival is your only means
Or will you suffer from those bad dreams
Are you still losing your will to live?
And let live in the land of the chaotic, abusive Lost Cities
Filled with narcotics?
Two times to the power, I planted a bomb in the tower
Going off every hour
No prisoners in the laws of wars that you saw
Imagine all the sick individuals down for the cause
We all come from the Sick Side of town
But some of us stay underground in the unfound Lost Cities

[Verse 6: Big Duke]
I need your help to gain control of the Lost City
Fight to survive, something crazy has just happened
The captain of the justice system runnin' the show is psycho
I claim to be a big part of "Empire Strikes Back" at Rampart
Rivals thrown in a vicious cycle, livin' in the city that's lost

[Hook: All (x2)]
Look around, it's in your town
Deadly sirens brings on violence
Take heed to this warnin', bad times stormin'
War between city blocks and cops

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