Frigid Bones
You pick me up to tear me down
I hate myself when you're around
I'm such a clown, but I still need you now
Cloak of shadows in the night
Stay with me, I'll make it right
There's nothing left inside

Don't tell me that you think I'm fine
I swear I f**king hate that lie
At times I know I'm not alright
So don't you even try
Frigid bones are shaken cold
A little kid, a tortured soul
A heart of gold

It's time we said goodbye
Don't try and change my mind
Gone down a thousand times

Take me far from here
In your atmosphere
'Cause I will try every night so
Whittled curves
Can shape the lines
But every time it's just so damn hard to find
I notice every night
A fallen torch of leaking dread
No one else to hold instead
Something just so hard to bend
Up until the very end