Dying to know
[Intro: Andy Sanborn]
Lost it all again
Waiting for the end to come
Waiting for the end to come
Think of you so I get numb

[Verse 1: Andy Sanborn]
I'll be so glad that I didn't back out
Crying out your name
I'll take a pill and then I pass out
I’m not fucking worried 'bout all the shit from my past now
She left me again I feel my feelings fade and black out
She only love me when she's dumbed up
'Cause then she doesn't know who I am
She doesn't want to hold my hand
She doesn't think I'm a true man
I just want to find some peace
Got my brothers on each side of me
She wants a man well I'll try to be
But I'm crying where she can't see
I’m pathetic, aren't I?
You don’t have to lie
Looking for piece I just hope I find
The way out of this depressing life
I thought of you too much baby I'm gonna die
If you wake up and I'm not there
Don’t waste your time
You know where I am
I’m dying to know you're there
I can still smell the smoke in your hair
If you wake up without me love
Move on with your day 'cause I'll be long gone
I’m dying to know what this shits I'm on
I’m dying slow baby let me go on
I'm sad
[Verse 2: ohlucifer]
I want it to end
But I tried to hard to love you
Now I'm in too deep
Falling love
Your heart broke me
And now I lay here asleep
Trying to remember whats the meaning
Of my life
I tried to die
I saw your face
I ran away
Can't handle it
And I'm trying to remember why I loved you
Why I loved you
I can't see your face any more
Tried to trust you
I know I loved you
I know I loved you
But I tried to hard to make it work
I'm trying all I can to stay here
But I can't stay alive

[Verse 3: two:22]
Fourth blunt today
Still feel the pain
As I fade away
I forget my name
Smoking away
I'll be ash one day
And I know you will pray
But I won't be okay
Escape thoughts of torture
And see through the horror
Life is a scorcher
But I did it for her
I'm caught on the border
You’re shooting mortars
Pain makes me warmer
'Cause i did it for her