Okay let him in on this

[Verse 1]
Life is a f**kery
People that used to be
Best of buds with might turn out to be an enemy
Earn your stripes
Get em swiped this world don't have no referee
Treat your friends like doodle sh*t while you remain the centerpiece
It does have a moral code
You f**k up you really gotta let em know
Accept the negativity and let it show
They your brothers, if anyone would, they'd let it go

Getting out of bed my body got more heavy
Family balancing controllers tryna keep me steady
All this f**king power from the ones who love me
Despite the ups and down I never been more ready

Eating alphagetti
In the morning ‘fore I leave
Got a 8 hour flight somewhere out east
All that's on my mind is how I'll let you eat
For the past 20 years you allowed me to breathe
That goes to my mom dad brother and my g's
Stay ga**in me up and that's what gave me all the steeze
I was stuck in debt and I was still buying weed
Man would pull through with some harveys and a deegs
When I poured it out and had no blood to bleed
Man would rise against the circ*mstance and help me from my knees

Is this the life you want
Is this the one you want
What vibe am I on
I'm just tryna accomplish something
I'm just tryna accomplish something
Before I die before I'm gone

Is this the life you want
Is this the one you want
Do not know what vibe I’m on
Music will stay when I’m gone

When I’m stepping on the block
See I’m gliding to the top
Call me Deku, I’mma drop
Anyone trying to talk

Breathing heavy in the wild
Lips sweet like black and mild
Nothing brighter than her smile
I’d run mile after mile
Deceive what I see like the shape of a column
Fear stems out from all of my problems
Shaking I’m feeling more and more solemn
I don’t think that I ever will solve em