Everyday I wake up, look out the window
Climbing to the top, but I’m spinning all the way through
Fading in the dust, nowhere left for me to run to
Yeah, nowhere left to run to

We aren’t our mistakes
We may bend or break
But no ones too late
To fix what they ain’t

Whatever it takes
To fix my mistakes
Through shattered earthquakes
There’s blue in the lakes

There’s no way I can blame her
I’ve always been a stranger
I cannot breathe
Please, someone help me

Twin size mattress on the floor
Fuck drunk love that life's a chore
I built this house off the liquor store
I'd rather be a slave for the child support
Count my bread with a loaded gun
My only friend is the 211
See my son so the case was won
And I'm counting days till it's time to run
My hair's gone white I'm getting old
Keep your head you lost control
Old friends still search for a pot of gold
Held my hand but it's time to fold
Their up all night to the crack of dawn
Bank accounts are overdrawn
Won't go to bed till the bag is gone
Or end up passed out on the lawn
Ain't been the same since you went away

It's a price to pay and it's hard to say

You left me out here like a stray
I've lost all hope in yesterday
And I'm counting days til it's time to go