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Drop The Mic

"Charli XCX vs. Tove Lo"

[Round 1: Tove Lo]
I feel bad for those sitting in the back of this place
If Charli raps like she sings, then those windows gonna break
Saw Fault in Our Stars and cried when it was finished
Not 'cause it was sad, 'cause your song was in it
You say you're a mix of dark wave and witch house
Those are two things you made up; what the f*ck are you talking about?
I rapped first 'cause that's how it had to be
But enjoy it, 'cause the rest of your career, you open for me

[Round 1: Charli XCX]
The people mispronounce your name, Tove, I'll put that to an end
'Cause after this, no one will ever say your name again
You're Swedish and you sing, how very versatile
Ever heard of Robyn? Well, you're robbin' her style
She flashes at the crowd every show that she plays
She's like a teacher's pet, always showin' off her "A"s
You can see I'm not playin', I came to murder her
She's the cheapest Swedish export since IKEA furniture

[Round 2: Tove Lo]
When I hear you sing, I no longer wanna live
You made a song, "Stay Away," and yes, we did
You're only good with other singers at your side
You got more guest stars than Saturday Night Live
What's up with your outfits? I don't wanna be mean
Did you skip doin' laundry? Is this all you had clean?
And let me set the facts straight all about me
Yeah, I got straight "A"s in school, but I'm rockin' couple "C"s

[Round 2: Charli XCX]
Tove opened for Coldplay, which must have been great
Fans knew that it was safe to get there 30 minutes late
We did a song together, you know the sitch
I felt bad for you, it was basically Make-A-Wish
You talk about my style, what do you call this?
Seven days without sleep or recently-homeless?
You don't have a chance when you're messin' with a pro
'Cause I'm the higher of the high and you're the Tove of the lows

[Round 3: Tove Lo]
You have an album called Sucker, well that's a riot
You named it after anybody dumb enough to buy it
"After the Afterparty," that was a Charli smash
Was that about you home alone with your cats?
You could never get me, I will leave you dizzy
You couldn't go viral even if Charli bit me
You sing about love, honestly, that's super
If your idea of romance is throwin' up in an Uber

[Round 3: Charli XCX]
My afterparties are lit, whole clubs get ignited
But you wouldn't know about them, 'cause you're never invited
And the word "Lo" in Swedish, it translates to lynx
Which makes sense, 'cause that animal's almost extinct
The last album you dropped was called Blue Lips
I heard a couple songs; I couldn't give two sh*ts
So when I send you home crying, "This battle was unfair"
Just remember one thing: I don't care!

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