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Drop The Mic

"Chris Jericho vs. Laila Ali"

[Round 1: Chris Jericho]
So this is Laila Ali, a boxer I find funny
Twice the size of Mayweather, with none of his money
I make the crowd go crazy like they're in the mosh pit
You look like Nicki Minaj if she did CrossFit
When your name was announced I heard the crowd reactin'
The only Layla I know is the one by Eric Clapton
I'm up in your grill just like I was your dentist
You ain't goin' far, like when you got fired on The Apprentice

[Round 1: Laila Ali]
Buckle up, Chris, I'm about to get started
Don't he kinda look like Nickelback farted?
I'm on the stage 'cause the show was being choosy
They only picked you 'cause John Cena's doin' movies
And on Dancing with the Stars, when you got terminated
I hope you watched the finals, 'cause I actually made it
Your dusty, rusty rhymes are pint-sized like your body
A kid could beat you with elementary karate

[Round 2: Chris Jericho]
They say Laila Ali in a league of her own
But last time she was champ, I owned a damn flip phone
I was happy when we heard we was placed in a battle
It's hard to see you there, hidin' behind your father's shadow
Though you're talking loudly, I see you're really mousey
You shouldn't be so mouthy, you're a lousy Ronda Rousey
You have any idea who you're trying to fight?
I beat the Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in same f*ckin' night

[Round 2: Laila Ali]
You wished you had a shadow as great as me
You couldn't whip my pinky, let alone an Ali
The ABC show you hosted called Downfall
Didn't last a season 'cause your talent's so small
I don't need choreography for my bouts
Got four world titles, 21 knock-outs
Don't be jealous, it's me that you fear
'Cause you can't touch my undefeated career

[Round 3: Chris Jericho]
Okay, Downfall didn't work, but let's be fair
No one watched you fight; I sold out Madison Square
And after this round, when your battle rap is dead
We can screen it again on your giant forehead
You are undefeated, but look at the time
You gave up in '07, I'm just hittin' my prime
I ain't a hater, I'm doing you a favor
I just whooped an Ali, I'm like Y2-Joe Frazier

[Round 3: Laila Ali & audience]
That sounds real stupid, you wanna be afraid of
Beat his daughter in the States, dad dropped him in Malaysia
Your dreams of goin' mainstream never came true
Dwayne Johnson's did; are you jealous of him, too?
You've written three books and that's talent, indeed
Especially for you, 'cause we know you can't read
I'm so good at rap, the crowd will finish you for me
Like my pops said, "I float like a butterfly--
Sting like a bee!"

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