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Drop The Mic

"Trevor Jackson vs. Michael K. Williams"

[Round 1: Trevor Jackson]
Michael's a TV icon, a pillar of fame
Too bad even your family member's think Omar is your name
His acting was so good, he could basically retire
Thank him for all the white people who won't stop talking about 'The Wire'
He was on Boardwalk Empire, he hit the jackpot
When he was hired just to make Steve Buscemi look hot
And you were in Gone Baby Gone, that title gave me a hint
'Cause that perfectly describes your career ever since

[Round 1: Michael K. Williams]
Yeah, I'm best known for The Wire, but you best known for nothin'
You best get out my way, boy, 'cause Omar be comin'
Y'all probably know Trevor from Grown-ish, at least
But all you are is Yara Shahidi's side piece
I checked your Instagram, this is how I rate it
Your pictures so thirsty, you look dehydrated
You singin' R&B, boy, you should just retreat
The only Usher you gon' be is the one showin' me to my seat

[Round 2: Trevor Jackson]
It's impressive how Michael comes off so passionate
Though he looks like Idris Elba got in a car accident
You were gonna be in Star Wars, but it just didn't work
Even Jar Jar Binks was in three, so that's gotta hurt
You played a guy on TV named Chalky White, I discovered
I'm sorry, who cast you for that role, Stevie Wonder?
Everyone you play is scary and serious as cancer
But who you think you foolin', weren't you one of Madonna's dancers?

[Round 2: Michael K. Williams]
Yeah, you did Lion King, but this ain't Broadway tonight
I'm about to kill Simba, that's the circle of life
Makin' fun of how I look, man, you must be insane
You're the worst Jackson since Tito and Jermaine
Showin' off your six-pack, I wish you'd stop it
Lookin' like Jason Derulo with his finger in the socket
You just a punk, a pipsqueak who got crushed
You ain't a artist just 'cause you look like a paintbrush

[Round 3: Trevor Jackson]
Yeah, I played Simba, so I'm at piece with bars
And, in case you forgot, Simba wiped out Scar
You stand out in movies even when you're not the lead
You put the "buster" in Ghostbusters and the "ass" in Assassin's Creed
You was discovered by 2Pac, that's crazy to hear
Hopefully one day they'll figure out who murdered your career
Michael, look, I'm hot as the desert sand
You couldn't beat me in a battle, even if I gave you the method, man

[Round 3: Michael K. Williams]
Yeah, I knew 2Pac, so that was real ritty
For me to hit 'em up and drop bars ain't no biggie
You're a Disney actor, completely manufactured
And just like Miley Cyrus, but she's a better rapper
I gave your music a chance and hoped you had a smash
Your song "Drop It," I dropped it in the trash
You just a kid, so I'll remind you of this
When you come at the king, you best not miss

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